The Entertainer

Elric Elvehjem

Real life 90’s DJ.
Broadcaster / Entertainer since 2009. Special Events MC / Broadcaster Rock you Rack, Second Life Birthday, Station Manager Gorean Compass Radio
Builder / sim developer, music lover

The Compass Skald

Belshazzar Morningstar

Your above average silver tongued horny devil. Spinning a mix of songs to get your libido up. Mostly I play classic rock, but I play every genre of music as a good tune is a good no matter when or who it made.

I am also known as the voice of GSPN where I do the Tharlarion races on Saturdays and Sword tournaments on Sunday. One of my passions is watching dance and what better place to be than the man who gets to play the music that makes you want to get down and perhaps a bit dirty.

First Sword

MadShepard Fyrewik

MadShephard is first sword of Caer Cadarn, and founder of the Compass Club. Having an extensive musical background, Shep brings a unique and varied playlist, introducing listeners to bands and genres they may not have heard before. MadShepherd can be heard exclusively on Gorean Compass Radio



Tabi is the slave of Master Gorm Runo. She has been a DJ in Second Life for more years than she’d care to admit (almost 12 years now). One of the founding members of Gorean Compass Radio she spends a lot of time in the background keeping things going.

When she does broadcast she is known for playing songs of the 70’s 80’s and 90’s. Her show is known as Tabi Tunes: Tunes to Make you Smile. She is also known to take requests issuing the challenge that she has never been unable to play a requested song! Dancing and Music define the life of DJ Tabi!



Rhiannon began broadcasting on Gorean Whip Radio in 2015. Collared by Gorm Runo, she followed her Owner to Goreans Portal Radio in 2016 and learned much from both Him and her chain sister Xtabi Galaxy.

Gorean Compass Radio was started in 2020 by Gorm Runo, Tabi and Rhiannon. She loves everything to do with Gor and Music and thrills at being allowed to help bring Goreans awesome music and Gor!

Rhiannon loves music and dancing. She’ll play anything and match the dances to the music too!

You can hear her on Tuesday Mornings, 9am slt till 11am slt when she Wakes & Shakes Gor! Also, on Wednesday afternoons at 12pm slt when she broadcasts the tharlarion races from various tharlarion tracks around Gor on GSPN.

Tune in. Turn on. And be well pleased!



Raven began her radio career here on Gorean Compass Radio after prompting from her Master and chain sister. She started on New Years Eve 2020 and just celebrated her first full year of broadcasting.

Raven’s show is Raven’s Roadhouse and she spins the very best of classic, contemporary, and alternative, rock, blues, and soul, with a little country sprinkled in for good measure. Raven’s Roadhouse is broadcast on Gorean Compass Radio Thursdays from 10-12 and she takes the party to GCR pathfinders twice a month.


Liska Kiyori

Radish is a simple girl, who broadcast, all sorts of music. I have been in Gor for about three plus years now, I love to enjoy new music, and take request! I have a blast meeting new people, and learning new skills.

The Coin Slut

Lyric Nox


I am a Coin Girl I am yours for a tarsk bit, Master ”to please a man as much for a tarsk bit, as a high paga slave for a thousand gold pieces, to be paid …for her use.” -Guardsman of Gor

Broadcasting The Coin Slut Cacophony an explicit adult show focused on tunes that seep in to your bones and the philosophy of Gor mingled with BDSM Erotica.

Thursdays – 8pm – 11 pm slt / pst Live Show
Mondays – 9am – 12 noon slt / pst Replay Show